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  • Project related: Training & Mentoring CEO & Unit Heads for Conception, Feasibility Report, Selection of Machine and Technology, Erection and Commissioning of Machines.
  • Process related: Process Standardization, Process Control, Benchmarking all Standard Processes.
  • Product related: Stabilization of Commercial Production, Product Development, Development of Product-mix.
  • Quality related: Implementation of TQM and TPM. Modern laboratories & quality control equipments & gadgets used for process control & quality assurance.

Placement – HRD and Man Management

  • Preparation of Manual & advising on deciding Policies.
  • Drafting of Organization Structure, Job Description and Evaluation, Formulation of Personnel Policies.
  • Recruitment and Selection of Suitable Manpower, Interviewing candidates for particular organization depending on its need.
  • Organizational Development.

Service Deliverables

  • Streamline and structure Human Resources plans and processes.
  • Suggest changes in current system.
  • Benchmark the current processes against the best practices.
  • Identify macro-level gaps in the existing maintenance processes and the process enablers.


misreviewPerformance of any Business depends on skills of CEO / UNIT HEADS – Effective & Efficient Management. Every effective action or performance depends on TOP & it gets percolated down. WE ARE THERE TO ASSIST YOU FROM TOP TO BOTTOM.

Textile Industry is oldest industry in India & has been passing through ups & down for several years. It is having verities of products & hence many variables. As long as human being is wearing cloth it will flourish provided manage effectively as per recent trends & fashion. It has been also observed that today’s young & efficient CEOs are not getting attracted towards Textile Industry may be because of low returns or more stress- full job. And hence we offer our services to groom effective CEO / Unit Head for your unit by simple & effective systems.

We design simple & effective reports after studying present system for CEO. Once these reports are set we monitor weekly & send our feedback to CEO. Similarly we review performance (KRA) of each HOD & submit our report to CEO every month. We carry out MIS Review every month for 1st 12 months just to guide CEO. We design confidential report to Board of Directors if desire.

We have experts who are having hands on experience of actual managing reputed textile units successfully.
Similarly we can search for CEO/ COO / Section Heads for your organization as per your requirements. We can guide you in
– Development of HR Process
– People Development
– Leadership Development
– HR Solutions

Setting Review Systems and conducting monthly review

  • Design MIS with help of ERP & conducting monthly review of all HOD.


Intex Textile ERP

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